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Grand Pianoramax - Biggest piano in town

Grand Pianoramax - Biggest piano in town

ObliqSound is a small, independent label whose goal is to provide a home for
artists around the globe interested in creating music that crosses the boundaries
of traditional music labeling. Dedicated to both an instrumental and vocal series,
ObliqSound endeavors to create a mosaic of sound drawing from jazz, world, and
electronic genres.

Contact Info: ObliqSound, NYC

373 Broadway Suite C22

New York, NY 10013

tel: 212.274.8640

fax: 212.274.8641

01. Showdown Feat. Mike Ladd

02. Ride I: The Race

03. Blue Gold Feat. Invincible

04. The Hook Introduction

05. The Hook Feat. Spleen & Celena Glenn

06. Ride II: Driftin'

07. Nicola Tesla

08. In The Lab

09. Tempest

10. Showndown Feat. Mike Ladd (Clean Version)


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