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Future Sound of London - Environments (2007)

Future Sound of London - Environments (2007)
Real Name: Brian Dougans & Garry Cobain
Profile: Infamous British duo who met
in the 1980's in Manchester. Their very influential discography shows off influences spanning acid house, hardcore techno, ambient, krautrock, 60's psychedelica, and more. Previously Dougans, as Humanoid, had a UK Top 10 hit with Stakker Humanoid. Together as FSOL, they scored a major crossover success with Papua New Guinea. Their first full-length Accelerator charted their dancefloor-friendly early career, after which FSOL moved into deeper, more album-oriented word. Lifeforms was a double-disc set spanning long stretches of breakbeat-flavored ambience, followed Dead Cities which added hip-hop, trip-hop, industrial textures, and bleak urban imagery into their mix of influences. Their ISDN album compiled music from their ISDN-uplinked radio broadcasts from the mid-1990's. After Dead Cities came out in 1996, they dropped off the radar. After a long hiatus in which they were surrounded by rumors of insanity and drug addiction, the Papua New Guinea Translations concept remix album came out, followed by the full-length The Isness and more material under the Amorphous Androgynous name.



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